Tent Descriptions

In 1980, Miami Missionary Tent embarked on the journey of constructing tents for global ministries, initially focusing on revival tents and church planting. These tents were intended to be left standing throughout the year, necessitating the creation of a tent that was both superior in quality and affordable. Opting for a pole tent design, we adopted a unique tent vinyl laminate crafted to our specifications, ensuring durability 2 to 3 times longer than the industry standard.

The fabric within the 18oz laminate is notably robust, featuring 1300 x 1800 denier polyester (Dacron), in contrast to the common 1000 x 1000 denier used by most companies. Our vinyl is genuinely 100% stronger, fortified with additional titanium dioxide. This enhancement results in our vinyl surpassing others in terms of sun resistance, abrasion resistance, and overall lifespan.

A few testimonials regarding our tents:

BUCK MATIOWSKI, Community Events and Attractions, Canada: “Our organization acquired two tents in various sizes from the Miami Missionary Tent Company back in 1993. The success we’ve experienced with these tents has been remarkable. In Kenora, both tents endure extreme weather conditions year-round.

One of the tents serves as an outdoor Winter Ice Skating pad for nine months annually. Enduring the unpredictable Canadian weather requires a tent covering of exceptional quality. The Missionary Tents, with their robust engineering, surpass other tents in longevity, strength, and durability.”

TIM ANDERSON, Assemblies of God World Missions, Missouri: “For nearly two decades, I’ve employed your tents as a missionary in Ecuador, and they stand out as the most effective evangelistic tool for initiating churches. No other tent companies match the aesthetics and durability offered by the Miami Missionary Tent Company.”

BILL HEMBERGER, Super Stuff Party Supply, New Jersey: “We experienced a recent storm with winds gusting up to 70 mph. We had a 48′ x 180′ oval from Miami Tent and tents from other companies, including a 40′ x 100′ frame and a 60′ x 120′ pole tent. The tents from other companies lifted and shifted, while the Miami Tent remained unaffected. We are highly pleased with its performance.”

THERON WALZ, The Heartbeat of Jesus Ministries, Colorado: “Greetings! Just wanted to express my enthusiasm for the tent. We recently completed an installation in Eureka, CA, where we faced the most extreme weather conditions to date! With wind gusts reaching 95 MPH and heavy rain, the tent remained sturdy and resilient.”

Regardless of your global location, Miami Missionary Commercial Tent Company offers the pole tent you require at a budget-friendly price. We are committed to ensuring you’re not left in the cold or stressed while setting up your new tent. We are dedicated to providing all the necessary information for assembling and maintaining your pole tent, assisting you in preserving its pristine appearance for years.