16 oz. Vinyl


  • 16 oz. Tent top, 14 oz. white sidewall (heavy-duty bags for top & sidewall), galvanized steel center pole(s) & wall poles, ropes, stakes, instructions, fire marshal certificate & repair materials.
  • Tents with sizes 50′ & wider feature aluminum center pole(s), and 60′ & wider have galvanized steel quarter poles.
  • Square end tents 30′ & wider tents receive 1 trucker’s ratchet.

Superior materials are used throughout the construction of our tents, especially for the 18 oz premium round & oval tents. The vinyl laminate, uniquely formulated to our specifications, sets our tents apart. The fabric (scrim) within the laminate provides extraordinary strength with polyester (Dacron) rip-stop cords every inch, nine each way—significantly stronger than the industry standard of 1000 denier.

The vinyl includes additional U.V. protection, with ample titanium dioxide, surpassing others in sun resistance and longevity. All colors are guaranteed to last for years without fading, utilizing high-quality, albeit more expensive, pigments.

Our extra-thick vinyl, at 16+ ounces per yard, increases sun resistance, abrasion resistance, and smoothness, providing a sturdy surface for our permanent weather-proofing materials over every seam—much stronger than the industry standard of 13-14 ounces per yard.

Polyester, U.S.-manufactured, is abundantly used in our seat belts, ropes, and thick (#207) thread. Polyester, being oil-based like vinyl, is highly resistant to mildew or rot. It remains stable in size, shape, and strength, unlike cotton, hemp, or nylon. All steel-to-steel connections, including the special twin bail-ring, are hot-dip galvanized for 30-year rust resistance.


Our commercial tents, inclusive of the tent top and side-wall, feature the finest vinyl, domestic polyester, and galvanized steel hardware. This ensures that the tent is not only as strong as modern science and technology allow but also resistant to slackening during cooling rains and stretching in the sun. The design incorporates unique features like the bail-ring, preventing center pole damage, and hook and ring connectors for enduring storms.

Triple stitch seams with #207 polyester thread, double belting in stress-prone areas, and additional seat belts in strategic positions contribute to the tents’ strength and safety. The quarter-pole positions are reinforced with extra seat belts, vinyl layers, and aluminum “heads.” Continuous research and development ensure that Miami Missionary Tent Company remains at the forefront of tent manufacturing.